Best free blogging sites for bloggers 🔥The rest will only waste time.


In today's time it has become very easy to create a blog. Here I am going to tell you about the blogging platform. Which you should use to create your first site.

Many people are creating blogs and making money from it or helping to promote their main product. Hopefully you are interested in starting your own blog.

You can make a great blog out of your personal passion. You can start a niche blog as a bloger with your day job. Whether you want to make a personal picture blog to share information or tell the world about your passion.

Best free blogging sites for bloggers

Best free blogging sites for bloggers. The rest will only waste time.

From the list of 10 best free blogging sites below you can start using a free blogging site to create a blog immediately.

  1. Blogger
  3. Tumblr
  4. Weebly
  5. Medium
  6. Joomla
  7. Yola
  8. Ghost
  9. Vicks

Blogger is a free blogging site.

Which was originally built by Pyra Labs in 1999, but was later purchased by Google in 2003. In fact it would be the best option, in which you do not need to spend too much money like other blogging sites.

If you want to make your blog professional then you can buy domain name and blogger template. Approximately, you will have to spend up to 2000 rupees. While other blogging websites will have to spend at least 6000 rupees.

So I personally recommend going with Blogger without any thought.

The advantages of creating a blog from Blogger.

Free to use - You can create a blog with Blogger. There is no monthly or annual cost for this. There is also no hosting fee. You can choose to pay for a domain name that will end the branding of Blogspot in your URL.

Monetization Options - Probably one of the best things about Blogger as a free blog site. There is too much freedom to monetize a blogger site which is a lot more than other free blogging sites.
That is, you have to spend money first to earn with other free blogging sites. Then you can earn money from your blog (Adsense Cama Card).

Cons to create a blog from Blogger.

Unfortunately, with Blogger you do not actually own your site. If any type of wrong content is used on Blogger then Google can shut down your site.

This is mostly for blogs that download movies, because if a movie is uploaded or link listed on your blog, it falls against the DMCA rule. Because of which your Blogger account will be closed forever. This has happened to me, 15 blogs have closed at the same time. If you do this, it will be a waste of time.

You can make a limited customization for your blog design. and

For those who want a simple blog, or for those who just want to see what they are doing. is a good option for creating a professional blog site.

Another good benefit of is that you can easily upgrade new plans with this platform and for additional benefits. If you want more information in the future, you can easily move your site from to as well. ”was launched in 2005, with describing itself as" a hosted version of open-source software ". Here, you can start a blog or create a website in seconds without any technical knowledge.

The free version of includes:

  • Jetpack Essential Features
  • Hundreds of free themes

Pros of creating a blog from

Completely free: - If you use the free version of, you can run a blog completely for free.

Your free blogging site will be hosted at SubDomain You can also consider paying for a domain name.

Cons of creating a blog from

When you use a free plan, your web address will include WordPress (such as And their ads appear on your site and you have no control over them nor do you earn revenue from them.

Limitations with customization - offers a variety of free themes and plugins that you can use with your blog. However, it is limited due to which you cannot use plugins and themes separately.

If you plan to monetize the blog, is not a good option. The free version of may allow you to restrict affiliate links, you will not be able to advertise in any other way, such as Adsense.

In addition, blogging sites are also available, but I recommend not using them. His name is in the list below.

Time wasting blogging- Tumblr, Medium, Joomla, Yola, Ghost, Wicks

They will only waste your time. If you want to make a website for a company, firm then you can use any of them. This does not require coding knowledge. Can design a website with a drag and drop.

But not for blogging. There is much rumor, people who do not know themselves are confusing others by making videos. If you do not believe me, then you should get experience from all these by creating a website.

Hope you like this information. If yes, please share it with your friends. If you have any question in mind, please do not forget to comment below.


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