Debunking 5 Common Myths About Smartphones


It is a widespread misconception that India is a poor country, but the reality is far from it. With 11% of the world's total gold held by Indian women, and recent events like Flipkart's successful delivery of 3.5 million products during "The Big Billion Day" sale, it's evident that India is far from being a poor country.

Similarly, there are various myths surrounding smartphones that continue to persist. Let's debunk some of the most common ones.

1. Does Putting a Wet Smartphone in Rice Dry it Faster?

Last month, I got caught in the rain and my phone ended up getting wet, just like my wallet with a photo of Gandhi. I was told the old trick of using rice, but a friend suggested using an air dryer instead. Both methods turned out to be myths, as an air dryer can overheat the phone, and rice only dries the outer moisture.

2. Is Open WiFi or Open Internet Safe?

In today's scenario, where data usage is crucial, relying on open WiFi without proper security measures can lead to data theft. Avoid using open WiFi for sensitive activities to protect your personal information from potential misuse.

3. Should You Avoid Keeping Your Keys and Smartphone Together in the Same Pocket?

Contrary to popular belief, modern smartphones are quite resilient to scratches, even from keys made of metal or steel. However, they are still susceptible to scratches from sand or other harsh materials.

4. Is Our Phone Not Safe Without a Screen Protector?

Many believe that a screen protector is essential for safeguarding the phone's screen. However, most smartphones come equipped with Gorilla Glass protection and have undergone drop tests. Using a screen protector is a personal choice rather than a necessity.

5. Can Fast Charging Damage Our Phones?

The fear that fast charging deteriorates a phone's battery is unfounded. In reality, fast charging delivers electricity to the battery faster than regular chargers, thanks to clever design by smartphone manufacturers. While it may cause the phone to heat up, there's no risk of damage to the phone or the battery.

In conclusion, it's crucial to differentiate between myths and facts when it comes to smartphones. Understanding the truth behind common misconceptions can help users make informed decisions about their devices.


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