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What is a blog and its benefits? Let us understand the world of blogs. Blogs have evolved a lot. There are even many great bloggers. For whom blog has become the main means of earning money.

There are now a lot of CMS platforms, i.e. sites that provide services to create blogs. Among the many platforms, the two most well known are Blogspot and WordPress.

What is a blog?

Understanding the blog world 🔥Blogger, WordPress

A blog is an abbreviation for web log, a site that provides information to readers. These articles can be commented on by readers if the author allows it. Blog owners are known as bloggers.

There are also blogs that have posts on various topics, and there are also those that focus on only one topic. It all depends on the blogger's owner what topics are discussed in his / her blog. There are many topics that can be discussed, including internet, technology, health, education, business and many more.

Blogger Blog history

The term weblog was originally coined in 1997 by Jörn Barger. While the term was coined by Peter Merholz.

The blog that first created the blog was blogger.com. The site was previously owned by Pyra Labs until 2002. Then Google took ownership of blogger.com and offered its services free of charge to all its users. After Google took over the site, several applications were developed for the convenience of its users.

Benefits of a blog, what is a blog for?

With its function as a source of information, a blog can also have many benefits, including:

You have learned the experience in your life that you can use it like a diary.

Used to share knowledge and ideas.

Can be used as a media for business promotion or product marketing.

Create a community of bloggers.

A source of income by providing advertising.

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Data is transferred between websites and computers within a specific period of time. That rate is called website hosting bandwidth. This happens with monthly hosting packages, such as 1 GB of bandwidth each month, or 5 GB of bandwidth each month.

Bandwidth represents connection capacity. However the overall performance of a website also depends on many other factors.

What is the difference between hosting bandwidth and traffic?

Let us understand by an example. Bandwidth and traffic car are available here on the highway road. Bandwidth is the number of 1,2,4 lanes on the highway and the number of cars on the traffic highway. Traffic is the number of car bits that are transferred over a network connection.

What is the difference between hosting bandwidth and traffic?

In short - more traffic can run at a higher speed on a wider road, and if there is more traffic on a less wide road, the speed will be slower for all vehicles.

If you have 1000 MB website bandwidth and you host 400 MB size video on the website for visitors to download.

If a person downloads this video, each download will create 400 MB of traffic between the web server and the local computer. And when two people download, 800 MB of traffic will be created. Three downloads will create traffic up to 1200 MB.

If all downloads occur at the same time, then (1 GB) all bandwidth will be used. In such a situation, someone will have to wait. Your hosting company will cycle through everyone downloading the file and move one small section at a time so that everyone can transfer the file, but the transfer will be slower for everyone downloading the video. The more visitors at the same time, the slower it will be.

How much bandwidth do you need?

How to estimate and calculate website bandwidth?

With a simple calculation method you can estimate and calculate website bandwidth:

Bandwidth Requirement = Average Page Views x Average Page Size x Average Daily Visitors Number of Days in a Month x (31) x Redundant Factors

Average Page Views * Average Page Size * Average Daily Visitors * Number of Days in a Month

If your website is a movie downloading website. Or allow downloading any other type of files, you should have more bandwidth:

Bandwidth Requirement = (Average Daily Visitors * Average Page Views * Average Page Size) + (Average Daily File Download * Average File Size * Day 31)

Typically, plans from website hosting companies provide bandwidth in terms of gigabytes (GB) per month. This is why you need to take daily averages and multiply them by 31.

Average Daily Visitors: Total Number of Monthly Visitors / 30.
Average Page Size: The average size of your web page.
Average Page Views: Average Pages Viewed Per Visitor.

Check Bandwidth from Traffic Statistics Report

By checking traffic statistics, there is an easy way to find out how much bandwidth is sufficient for a website. If you have an existing website hosted with a host and have decided to move the site to a new host, you can refer to the statistics traffic report with the hosting company. Almost all web hosting service providers can provide website statistics reporting service.

Usually if you still have the same new website without too much content, you can go for a shared hosting, because usually you will not need more than 1 GB of bandwidth per month.

The same goes with most private web hosting or small business websites. If you can expect less traffic to your site, always go with a low bandwidth plan at an early stage. Ultimately, most web hosting companies will offer upgrade options for more bandwidth when needed.

How can I reduce bandwidth usage?

To reduce bandwidth usage, if you want to reduce website bandwidth, you can design a website with CSS code, this can reduce the size of the web page. Try to reduce the use of heavy images, especially downloads and videos, on your website.

Any web hosting offers affordable hosting packages with unlimited bandwidth?

Yes this is true. Some web hosting companies may offer unlimited bandwidth on their web servers.

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Conducting marketing activities or enhancing product sales results requires creative thinking. With people becoming more interested in the world of Internet, marketing through digital media would indeed be the right choice.

If we talk about the current season, internet marketing has been done with digital media for the last few years. And many people have made it their main source of income.

Digital Marketing Through Video.

Marketing of products through videos is very much liked by people, as can be seen in advertisements on television or on YouTube videos. With the rapid development of the digital age, the impact of performing video marketing results may be possible. Which are more attractive and able to increase interest and purchasing power in consumers.

Digital marketing through social media

Marketing through social media has become a unique tool for many businessmen. This is because there are more opportunities for marketing products through social media to reach potential customers.

How to do digital marketing 🔥 Let's know about the digital marketing trend.📈

Most of those who watch video ads are not interested in ongoing video advertising, but in social media advertising people add their favorite list to the company. So that whenever the company brings a new product, people get to know quickly through social media. Along with social media, digital marketing is one of the effective and favorable factors.

Digital Marketing with Google AdWords.

Everyone who has a business, especially when the business has entered the Internet world, wants their business website to appear in the top of the search engine. All of this is possible with Google Ad Browsing.

Digital Marketing with Google My Business.

The largest search engine on the Internet is Google. Google My Business is one of the digital marketing programs that businesses need to strive for. Google can make it easier for people to find their services by using My Business features.

Digital marketing is one of the matters, as noted above. Services need to do digital marketing with video and social media. Digital marketing can be done easily. With the right strategy and a favorable process of product marketing, it can run smoothly and make a good impression.

Digital marketing with agency.

We have already mentioned several digital marketing exchanges whose services should be tried. In addition, there is another solution that is suitable for business people for digital marketing by digital marketing agency. Digital marketing agency is really a good option because you can talk to the agency in detail to advertise your products with them.

Hopefully, the digital marketing review in this article has given you a good idea for choosing the right digital marketing. Services that require independence can be especially useful for business people who want to sell their products online.

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