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Igniplex Free Version is A Professional Responsive Blog & Magazine Premium Blogger Template, Fully Customizable. Very powerful in terms of fast speed as well. all optimized for SEO so that you get the best results from Google search engine and all other search engines. Igniplex is a custom Blogger (Blogspot) theme. Igniplex is one of the best Blogspot template recommendations. Like the tagline, for a better user experience I created the Igniplex premium Blogger Theme to make it comfortable for visitors.

The design is simple, minimalistic, clean, and not a lot of distracting knick-knacks. Access the menu is easy and navigation is not a headache. This template is suitable for use in various niches. Call it a personal blog, news, tutorials, and so on.

Igniplex Free Version Snapshot
Download Igniplex Blogger Template Free
Name Igniplex Blogger Template
Date Initial Release 2016, Major Update 2018
Version Free Available
Owner This template is origionaly Designed by

Users can choose between two display banners on the homepage a slider or a grid. There are two types of article layouts on the homepage when opened in the mobile version: one grid or two grids.

Igniplex Customization of Colors and Fonts

The appearance of Igniplex can be changed through the Blogger Theme Designer, making it easier for users because there is no need to edit from HTML code. Especially for those of you who are completely new to HTML code, of course this feature is very helpful. Color, font type, font size and other appearance can be easily adjusted from here.

Automated Scripts and Widgets

The main features of Igniplex can be set directly via Layout. Again, this is very convenient because there is no need to edit from HTML. The ad widget is already installed automatically, you just need to enter the ad code into the widget that has been marked and given a special color.

Igniplex Blogger template Free version.

Igniplex is a multipurpose magazine blogger template that allows you to create a fully functional viral site in a few simple steps. It is an ideal blogger template for magazine, personal, news and list based sites.

It comes with powerful content management systems, social buttons, multiple ad spaces to maximize your revenue, and more. It is very easy to use and setup takes few minutes.

Schema Markup Validator (Monster)

Valid Google data structure for reach snipet result in SERP, SEO friendly. Mobile Friendly. Super light and fast page load times. schema markup. Breadcrumbs. Valid Google Structured Data- This data structure is important so that blogs can be more easily recognized by search engines.

This outstanding and high-quality blogger theme contains an excellent responsive layout and is SEO optimized. It additionally supports breadcrumbs, and google Rich Snippet Structured Data for ready to rank fast in Google results.

Rich Snippet Schema meta data is available in Monster Blogger template which is ready to rank fast in Google. No need to do anything extra, this feature automatically adds schema meta data to each post. You can also check your confidence yourself by using Google Rich Result Test Tool.

WPSideBar NewsArticle
WPHeader BreadcrumbList
WPFooter CreativeWork
hatom NavigationElement
BlogPosting Review snippets

Monster Schema Markup Validator Check here 👈👉 Rich Result Test Check here

Layouts v3 and Widgets v2- This is the latest and most advanced version of the Blogger template. So it's obviously very up to date.

100% Responsive- This template is designed to work perfectly on almost all types of devices like desktop, laptop, smartphone, ipad, tablet etc. It is currently the most anticipated responsive blogger template. This feature is available in both WordPress and Blogger themes.

Ad Position Guide- Inside there is already a sign to put an ad. There are even ads that can be placed in the middle of the article automatically without the need to write another additional script.

Author Info Box- At the bottom of every post you will find little information about the author. It has the author's name, picture and brief description. Everything is automated, and this widget takes data from your Blogger profile. Therefore, it shows different information for different authors from their blogger profile. This feature is available in both WordPress and Blogger themes.

Pagination (Page Split)- Content can be divided into several pages. Usually this feature is in WordPress. But now Bloggers can try it by using the Igniplex template.

Super Light- Serious! This template is made with Javascript which is quite complex so that its function does not burden the template. The settings are easy even for those of you who can't code.

Valid Google Structured Data- This data structure is important so that blogs can be more easily recognized by search engines.

Mobile Responsive Menu- To maintain the latest web design standards and increase the number of mobile users, we have also added a mobile responsive menu to guarantee an amazing mobile experience. This feature is available in both WordPress and Blogger themes.

Igniplex Template Unique features

  • Related Post Middle of Articles and Bottom of Articles
  • Anti-AdBlock- Displays a notification if a visitor uses AdBlock.
  • Share button before post content.
  • Share button after post content.
  • WhatsApp share button
  • Sticky header
  • Sticky sidebar
  • Dark and light mode switch.
  • Light weight
  • Sponsored article
  • Content Selection / Copy Blocker
  • Infinite Scrolls.
  • Numbered Page Navigation
  • Custom Page Error
  • Blog Paging (Next Prev) with Article Title
  • Breadcrumbs

How to install Igniplex Blogger Template?

Installing a blogger template is very easy, just follow the simple steps to learn how to install a blogger template.

  1. Open
  2. Then go to the Theme
  3. Then click on Customize DropDown
  4. Then click on Edit HTML
  5. Then open the "Igniplex-Free-Version.XML" file in the code editor software.
  6. Then copy all the code from the xml file
  7. Then go to Step4 and paste all the copied code into Blogger edit HTML. Remember that before you paste the Igniplex template code, do not forget to remove the previous code.
  8. Then click on save button


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