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Hello friends, today I'm sharing a user friendly and responsive VTrick Blogger Template. This template is highly SEO optimized, allowing you to rank higher in search results and perform better in search engine rankings. If you want to see this template user-interface before downloading, click on the demo button inside template Download link.

Brief introduction of VTrick blogger template : fast, compact, lightweight and smooth. The redesigned template is based on the free version of the Colorify LiteSpot template. I have optimized some things accordingly.

VTrick theme is a multipurpose magazine blogger template that allows you to create a fully functional viral site in a few simple steps. It is an ideal blogger template for magazine, personal, news and list based sites.

It is highly suitable for people who want to do blogging, It's best for fashion, business, nature, beauty, recipe, news blog. It also includes Social Bookmark Ready and SEO Optimization. There are many great features that make up a high quality blog.

Download VTrick Blogger Template Free
Name VTrick Blogger Template
Date v1.0.0 – February 19, 2021– Initial release
Version Free and Paid Version Available
Owner This template is origionaly Re-Designed (Not for selling) by
Download VTrick Blogger Template Free

What's new in VTrick blogger template?

In the upgraded version v1.8.26, they have updated some more features:

  1. Auto Table of Contents
  2. Multiple ADS position
  3. Featured Image ratio 16:9
  4. Floating Call to Action buttons
  5. Homepage Ticker news
  6. Fake Post Rating
  7. Floating CTA buttons
  8. Reading time
  9. Cookie Consent
  10. Advanced Newsletter Form
  11. Embed Video and Image in Comments Via Links.

Schema Markup Validator (VTrick)

Valid Google data structure for reach snipet result in SERP, SEO friendly. Mobile Friendly. Super light and fast page load times. schema markup. Breadcrumbs. Valid Google Structured Data- This data structure is important so that blogs can be more easily recognized by search engines.

Rich Snippet Schema meta data is available in VTrick Blogger template which is ready to rank fast in Google. No need to do anything extra, this feature automatically adds schema meta data to each post. You can also check your confidence yourself by using Google Rich Result Test Tool.

WPSideBar NewsArticle
WPHeader BreadcrumbList
WPFooter CreativeWork
BlogPosting SitelinkSearchbox
hatom Website
AggregateRating Review snippets

VTrick Schema Markup Validator Check here 👈👉 Rich Result Test Check here

This template has a minimalist and clean design. No additional knowledge is required to use this template. There are many places to add ads to this Blogger template. Which will help in increasing the revenue. This blogger theme resizes according to the size of your device screen.

It has the ability to adjust to any screen size with its fully coded responsive design and will look stunning in any device. This blogger template is packed with tons of features without compromising on its loading speed.

The design is simple, minimalistic, clean, and not a lot of distracting knick-knacks. Access the menu is easy and navigation is not a headache. This template is suitable for use in various niches.

Fake Post Rating

After publicizing the template from the first versions, many of you asked how to add a 5 ⭐ rating for Blogger. Realizing that this need is quite large and a necessary feature, I have integrated it into the VTrick template.

So why is it a "fake" product and not a real one?

Actually, this problem is very simple, based on actual needs, people integrate Posting Rating to serve Google's rich results. Show your article rated 5⭐. However, if there is a guy who plays bad games and votes for 1 star, it's not fun. So this "pha-ke" feature was born to give you full control over the post rating on your blog.

As for how to add a “real” 5-star review for Blogger, there are already a lot of instructions online. If you are interested, you can find out for yourself.

The Fake Post Rating feature is now set to automatically rate 4.5⭐ or higher. However, you can set your own rating for the article via 2 attached links : : 0.0-> 5.0rating on a scale of 5 : (int)number of reviewers

Call to Action button

Currently, I find this feature to be quite good and the merchants also have needs, so it has been integrated into the template.

Currently the template supports several CTA button templates:

  • Calling
  • Messenger
  • Telegram
  • WeChat
  • Whatsapp

Syntax for naming links in CTA section: call , messenger, zalo, telegram, wechat,whatsapp

VTrick blogger template free download

It is easy to customize VTrick Premium Version Blogger Theme. Most blogger templates are easy to customize or design to suit our needs.

But, if you are a newbie in this field, you might face some problems while customizing, so you should read the documentation of this template.

Social media profile page

It comes with powerful content management system, social buttons, multiple ad spaces, and more to maximize your revenue. It is very easy to use and setup takes a few minutes.

Social media, when used properly, gives you the opportunity to make more money than you can imagine. Build enough trust with your followers and they will be more inclined to check out your recommendations.

Start using social media platforms. You can also use social media profile page. If you don't know how to add, you can watch the video of it. Facebook Page, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Snapchat

Multiple Ad Slots

Use Google AdSense advertising or content delivery platforms like Tabula, Content, Outbrain, etc. VTrick site gets a lot of traffic but if your site is not optimized for ads, your traffic will not convert into money. Therefore, different advertising areas will attract the attention of the visitor.

Responsive ads are automatically injected into post listings, ads inside sidebars with sticky options, ads inside articles posted before the first paragraph, ads before header theme area, ads before content subject area.

There is already a sign to place advertisements inside. There are even ads that can be automatically placed in the middle of an article without the need to write any additional scripts.

Featured Post by Label

This template also allows you to display content in different places. There are (post by Lable, Recent post, Popularpost, Random post) different featured areas on the homepage of this template.

Author info box

At the bottom of every post you will find little information about the author. It contains the author's name, picture and brief description. Everything is automated, and this widget takes data from your Blogger profile. Hence, it shows different information for different authors from their blogger profiles.

Mobile responsive menu

To keep up with the latest web design standards and increase the number of mobile users, we have also added a mobile responsive menu to guarantee an amazing mobile experience.

VTrick Blogger Template Details

Related Posts end of Article
Adblock Detector*
Automatic Mobile Menu
Awesome About Section
Big Featured Post Section
Content Selection / Copy Blocker
Custom 404 Page
Custom Advertisement Areas
Custom Copyright
Custom Footer Credits
Dark And Light Mode Switch
Drop Down Menu
Fast Loading
Footer Menu
For Unlimited Domains
In Post Advertisement
Megamenu By Shortcodes
Remove Encrypted Scripts
Responsive Youtube Video
Social Sharing
Sticky Header
Sticky Sidebar
Whatsapp Share Button

How to install VTrick Blogger Template?

Installing a blogger template is very easy, just follow the simple steps to learn how to install a blogger template.

How to install VTrick Blogger Template
  1. Open
  2. Select Blog Name
  3. Then go to the Theme
  4. Then click on Customize DropDown
  5. Then click on Restore option for Direct uploading Xml file.
Or (by selecting Edit HTML)
  1. Open the VTrick Downloaded XML file in the code editor software.
  2. Then copy all the code from the xml file
  3. Then go to Step5 by selecting Edit HTML option and paste all the copied code. Remember that before you paste the VTrick template code, do not forget to remove the previous code.
  4. Then click on Save button

Now, your new theme is set. Happy Blogging😀.

Demo || Download ||


Question- Is the VTrick blogger template available for free?
Answer- "Yes"

Question- Can I Buy VTrick Premium Version Blogger Templates?
Answer- No, It's ReDeisgned Vtrick Blogger Template

Question- Can i change and remove footer credits in the free version of the VTrick Blogger template?
Answer- Possible, if you have Coding cnowledge

Question- Do you need hosting to use the VTrick blogger template?
Answer- "No"

Question- Is the VTrick Blogger Template Genuine?
Answer- Yes, i have been checkd no spam code in this template

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