How can i add Social Media Profile Link in Google Search Engine Result Page


In order to get links to your social media profile on your company or business page on Google search results, you can be certain that you are marking it with the right structured data. It is a special type of JSON-LD defined by Google that allows social network icons within information graphs.

What are the benefits of adding social media schema markup?

Google says Data Graph is intended to help customers find and use the data to solve their search query without having to navigate multiple websites to find accurate data.

Neil Patel Crazyegg Schema Social Media Profile Link On Google Search

Which social profile will appear on Google search results?

Google's Structured Data Markup You are able to specify the social profile that appears in search results by including the markup in your official website to appear in the information graph.

One of the simplest ways to display your brand's profile in a data graph is to use a markup code to specify each profile in your website.

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • instagram
  • youtube
  • linkedin
  • Pinterest

How to add structured data and social media schema markup to your site

Use the terminology and the JSON-LD markup format, based on Google's guidelines for specifying markup. It is an open practice for Google to embed structured data on webpages in order to accept the information as a social profile.

How to Add Multiple Social Profiles with JSON-LD Markup for SEO

  1. Go to and Sign in to your account
  2. Now From Blogger Dashboard click on ->Theme -> Customize -->Edit HTML
  3. Now Find </head> tag in your template
  4. Now copy the following JSON-LD markup and paste it before closing </head> tag. installation steps on blogger

Please copy the code below and paste it just above the </head> .

<script type="application/ld+json">
{  "@context" : "",
  "@type" : "Organization",
  "name" : "Your Organization Name",
  "url" : "",
  "sameAs" : [

Customization:- Replace the highlighted "your-profile-link" text with your own text and social media profile URL.


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