How Create Web Stories Step by Step guide, How to make Google web stories in WordPress blog

Friends, in this post you will see that How Create Web Stories guide is explained here step by step. Keeping in mind the convenience of its users, Google always keeps bringing new features, applications, software and new updates to improve their experience. Similarly, Google has launched a new feature called Google web stories. In fact, this feature of Google is very beneficial for any business or blog, with the help of this you can bring a lot of traffic to your blog or website. 

Although in 2018 it was launched in the name of AMP Stories, this time Google has launched a new feature which is a new way to bring traffic from Google to its website. Now because Google has brought its WordPress Plugin, it has become even easier to use this feature. In this post, we will learn step by step how to use Google Web Stories in WordPress. So read the post till the end.

Let us know step by step how to create a web story in your WordPress website.

How to make Google web stories in WordPress blog

Step 1: For this, first of all you have to login to your WordPress dashboard. After that you search Google web story by clicking on New Plugin! And as mentioned in the picture, you will get it in the first, just install it
Step 2: When you install, then there you will get the option of activate, activate the plugin. After that you go to the plugin section of the dashboard again and click on the setting of Google Web Story.

Step 3: You will not get much in the setting, there you will get 3-4 settings, in which you upload the logo first. at least 96×96 px and aspect ratio of 1:1. The logo should be in square shape and the background should not be transparent
Step 4: After you have uploaded the logo, then set other settings as per your wish. By the way, there is no need for other settings. Just enter the Google Analytics tracking code.

Step 5: Now you can create a web story on your WordPress blog, you have completed all the required process. As mentioned in the picture below, you click on create story.

Step 6: To create a new story, you click on create story. If you want to use a template, then you have to click on Explore Template. Here you will find many templates, by editing which you can create a good story Friends, this was the necessary process for making a web story. After doing this, you make a story, it depends on you how attractive you make the story. If you want to know about story completely by demo story then watch this video completely.

How Create Web Stories Step by Step guide

It is most important to increase the traffic of the website. The biggest reason for the failure of blogging on website blogger and WordPress is the lack of traffic on the blog. Today I told you step by step the process of making a story on website blog, you can bring extra traffic to your blog by creating a Google web story. Many people all over the world have created Free / Paid website blog. But not all are successful in blogging. There can be many reasons for failure in blogging, but you can be successful in this field by keeping these small things in mind.

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