How to design a blog 🎨Website? Keep these things in mind. 🔥


Website theme / template should be SEO friendly design. Do you know what the template should be like for a blogger blog? If not, in this article we are going to explain it in detail.

Because a good template is very important for a website. If your website template is not good. So not all high quality SEO friendly posts written by you will give you results. To which you are entitled. This is because with high quality articles, the website theme / blogger template should also be SEO friendly design.

Today, people read more information from mobile. Therefore, there should also be a mobile friendly design.

In the poor ranking of our website, the template plays a big role. Because the blog theme is not related to the look of the website. Rather, it directly affects SEO. It is one of the common mistakes of every new blogger that they inadvertently use the wrong website theme. Because they don't know about blog templates? But after reading this post all your confusion will be over.

How to design a blog 🎨Website?

The template is the form of our website. The way we beautify ourselves, we wear nice clothes and jewelry. In the same way, we use templates to make Website Blog beautiful. We have heard from many people that despite good content, their blogs do not have visitors. The reason for this is that your blog's website template, website loading speed, is not mobile friendly.

You should keep these four things in mind. Due to the lack of these things, the blog ranking is low.

Mobile friendly blog design

How to design a blog Website blog design. Keep these things in mind.

Having a mobile friendly theme means that the template of the website should appear according to the mobile screen size. We all know that more than 70% of people use websites on mobile.

Perhaps you have noticed that some websites zoom in and out to read information due to not being mobile friendly. You do not want to go to such a blog yourself. The template needs to be mobile friendly. Must be mobile friendly.

Website loading time

Having a fast loading theme means that the website is visible to the user in the shortest time. If your website opens on time, it is better for ranking. Because Google now gives more importance to those websites. Whose website load time is too short. Therefore it is very important to have a fast loading template.

SEO friendly

Having an SEO friendly theme means that the coding is done correctly. Such as - Old XML / HTML Coding Format, https, Duplicate Meta Tags etc .. Template coding is responsible for this. Templates made from old coding should not be used. So the more you use a theme made from the latest coding, the better.

Simple Color - Try not to put your website in more mix colors. Use a simple color theme in your blog. Do not use a template that stings or appears in the eye.

Homepage thumbnail

Another thing I would like to add is that the thumbnail of the article also plays a very important role. Which is understood through graphics without reading the information, (for example - when reading a newspaper, see the title and graphics picture.)

That is, the picture you use when writing an article. It should look right on the homepage of your website. Blur, such as this, is not required in low resolution. All of this must be done correctly, for example, see YouTube's thumbnail.

When you design a website blog theme. You should also keep these things in mind.

  • Add icons to share posts on social media.
  • The template should have a social media follow icon.
  • Menubar so that visitors can easily find the things available on your site.
  • Must be a popular post, recent post, sidebar or random post widget.
  • Your blogger profile which includes a brief introduction to you or the website.
  • Keep a Page - About, Contact, Privacy Policy.
  • Keep a blog subscription widget.

How to design a blog? It completely depends on you. We have tried to deal with those things. Which should be SEO friendly blogger template. Some things may have been missed. If this happens, please let us know by writing in the comment box below. We will definitely consider those things. Thank you!


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