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In this article of SEO, we will talk about Domain and Page Authority, how we can increase Domain and Page Authority. These are not the official terms of Google, was previously called, which is a company. Terms are defined by the company.

How to increase website page rank domain and page authority

He built an algorithm, a system, a few years ago. Based on this, the website is given domain and page authorization status, which is 0 - 100. It can also give you 10 ranks out of 0 or 20, 30, 40 or 100.

Page authority is basically the authority of every page which is also a rank. All the pages of your website, each page gets different rank. The domain name and also the home page of your website. This rank is obtained through Not from google.

If your website is already in reputation, then your website popularity. Website ranking is based on the same, ranking your domain by criteria, taking 40 key factors into Google.

First of all, open your browser and type, this is a website / tool by which you can check the page authority or domain authority ranking of your website, and any other website can also be checked.

Go to the website and click on Check Domain Authority, after which the page will open, a text box and a check button. You have to type the link to your website in this text box, then click on the check button.

After this you will get the domain authority of the website. How much is your site's domain authority? If the Domain Authority of your website is above 30 or above 30 then it is considered correct.

How to increase website page rank?

To check page authority go to the website and click on check page authority. And after that you can check by typing any post / page link of your website. What is the rank of which article or page? All pages may have different ranks of the same website.

Another tool that is different from website. Here you will also find a text box, in which you will enter your website link and when you click on the search, your website and page rank will show how much your website domain or page authority is. Here you will see the page link matrix of your website. And how many root domains are there, and how many website links.

How to increase domain and page authorization?

We told you that there are 40 factors to rank your website, based on which your website gets ranked. How much is your page rank in Google backlinks, how many domains are coming from your backlinks. How many quality backlinks are there? And what is the domain authority of the websites to which your website is linked.

If the website ranks well, where you have created a backlink. Then the rank of your domain authority may also increase.

How to create backlinks?

  • Create Quality Backlink.
  • Blog comment.
  • Take part in the forums.
  • Share on social media.
  • Guest posting.

By using all these Technique, you can increase your Website Domain Authority. And page authority too.

Apart from this, the content of your website is also taken into consideration. How many people like your topic, and how much they are sharing and commenting.

Also, if your website is related to a blog, you can create Free Template, Themes and Plugin and post it on your website by putting your link on it, then maybe people download it and use it .

In addition, you can visit and comment on any website or blog that has a lot of domain authority. Even if you do not find any follow-up link here, you will still benefit greatly and your domain authority will increase. And you can also go to any other website guest post or comment which is similar to the post on your website. This is an easy way to increase your domain authority.

Apart from this, share the link of your website on social media if your content will be correct. So people will also share, which will benefit you a lot, your website traffic will increase.

Google Search and Support Forum

It is a search engine, here you can search for your topic that you are interested in and there you can answer the question. And you can add a link to your website to create a backlink. Go to and click on the blog's tab, and you can also comment there and leave a link to your website.

If you are repeatedly visiting the same website and commenting and creating links, then you will not benefit much from it.

This simply means, if you find more websites and backlink to it, your connection with your root domain will increase your domain rank.


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