How To Install Schema.Org Markup On Blogger Menu Navigation


Hello friends, today in this article we are going to explain how to install markup on Blogger menu navigation. Implementing in your Blogger template will definitely increase your ranking.

Because terminology is designed to better understand the specific parts of a particular website or blog and to index them on Google.

Adding schema markup to Blogger navigation is very easy to understand and install. If you add markup it means that you have declared your menu items to Google.

To check that your navigation is fully installed, you should visit the Rich Result Test Tool and copy your website link and paste there then click on "Test URL" button. This Tool Automatic analyze your site data. You should check if everything is set up correctly. You can see that your is working well.

You can also check out All types of Schema data by opening below link. 

In our website, may be two website navigation menus installed, if you have one it will display a site navigation element in the Rich Result URL Testing Tool.

So you need to add or create markup on the Blogger menu navigation to help Google search engine results understand your markup for the menu.

How To Install Schema Markup On Blogger Menu Navigation

To add markup on the website menu you need to follow the below Installation steps.

  1. Log into your Blogger account and go to your Dashboard
  2. Now click on -> Theme -> Customize⮛ -> Edit HTML
  3. Now search for <nav id = 'topnav'> tag. This is the most common used tag for navigation menu, just find and replace it.

May be in your Blogger template navigation element like this 👇

<nav id = 'nav'> or <nav id = 'navMenu'> or <div id = 'nav'> find and replace with the markup below given code.

<nav id = 'topnav' itemscope = 'itemscope' itemtype = 'http: //' role = 'navigation'> How To Install Schema.Org Markup On Blogger Menu Navigation

Above image example help to adding schema markup on the navigation menu item. Just below <nav id = 'topnav'> you can see your menu item list.

Now we have added markup to the menu item list, replace all menu items with markup, now it will look like this.

<ul><li itemprop='name'><a expr:href='data:blog.homepageUrl.canonical + &quot;search/label/Blogger&quot;' itemprop='url'>Blogger</a></li> </ul>

Finaly Now save your template.


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