How to submitting sitemaps to search engines 🔥 Blog OFF page SEO


Submitting Sitemaps to Search Engines. In today's article, we will read how to submit a sitemap of a website to a search engine. So first we know a little about Sitemaps, what is a Sitemap?

What is a Sitemap?

Sitemap, as the name implies, means a map of a site. According to this map, a site refers to how many articles and how many pages or categories a website has.

How to submitting sitemaps to search engines 🔥 Blog OFF page SEO

The best thing we get here is that if the SEO rank of your website is not good, it does not mean that all the posts written on it are bad.

If you have written 150 posts on your website, and one of these posts also uses good keywords, then one post can bring your website to a higher rank.

What are the benefits of sitemaps?

Examples You might have seen on YouTube, many videos are in trend, that is, most are being watched and searched. But no one came to know that this trending video, which channel or website belongs to it. And it is not like there is only one video on that channel. But a video from that channel brings that channel to the top.

The same happens in the website. If you have submitted a sitemap for the search engine, the search engine updates all the posts on your website to the search engine. If Post is written in the legal way of Search Engine. So that post will be very useful for you.

How to create a sitemap for a blog?

If you have maintained a website with Wordpress, then install a plugin of Yoast SEO for this. With this, whenever a new post is published, the sitemap will be automatically submitted to the search engine.

If it is created from manual coding or HTML, you will need to submit your own sitemap by submitting it. Or you can use the Sitemap Generator tool. Search Sitemap Generator Tool on Google.

Don't forget to submit your website's sitemap to the search engines. You can create a sitemap in different ways and submit it to search engines. One has to log in to Google or Bing Webmaster's website to submit it.

Note - You can submit many websites to Google or Bing Webmaster Tools. It is not that you can submit only one website with a Webmaster Tools account. You can submit multiple websites from a single account.

The thing to note is that if you have submitted a lot of websites to your Webmaster Tools account, then it is necessary to select the website where you are submitting the sitemap.

It does not have to be that the sitemap is from another website, and you are submitting it to another website. However, it will not be credited.

So, now you have to update the sitemap of your website and submit it to Google, Bing Webmaster. In a few days amazing traffic will start coming to your website.


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