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People believe that Google knows everything, but do you know everything about Google as well. If not, after reading this post you will get to know some interesting facts and interesting things about Google.

Google was started in 1998 and today it has become an important part of our daily life. We use it every day.

Google was founded in September 1998. At that time there were 10,000 searches per day.

A year later in September 1999, search queries from the Google search engine rose to 3.5 million per day.

In mid-2000, the average day had reached 18 million searches.

In April 2007, users around the world began searching for information from Google over 200 million per day.

Google was founded in 1998 and Google celebrates its birthday on 27 September.

Interesting facts about Google Search Engine.

Initially, the founder of Google did not know much about HTML (Hyper Tech Markup Language), which is necessary for creating and designing web pages. So Google's homepage is very simple.

Estimates suggest that there are approximately 63,000 Google searches per second. Which is 3.8 million per minute and 228 million per hour.

Current estimates are approximately 2 trillion Google searches per year. This means that 2,000,000,000,000 searches are done!

In 1999, it took Google a month to crawl the index of nearly 50 million visits. But in 2012, the same work was completed in less than a minute.

Google is basically a misspelling in Gogol. Gogol is a very large number that takes 100 zeros. The domain named Googol was already booked, so it was named Google when registering the domain.

Google keeps the Google Doodle on its computer on the big day or the birthday of a particular person. For example, on 2 October, a picture of Gandhiji is replaced by Google.

It was used internally for two years to be fully tested by Google before launching the Gmail service.

A very large doodle team works on Google, posting a thousand doodles so far.

Doodle is a special logo that is placed on Google to commemorate a particular day or a big person. When there is a festival of Diwali, a doodle with firecrackers is shown.

Google designed the Android company in 2005. Today about 80% of smartphones use only Android systems.

In 2005 Google formed the Android company. Android's popularity can be gauged from the fact that today it has captured 80 percent of the smartphone market.

More than 200 things are taken care of to get the best results from a search on Google and within a few seconds the best results are displayed according to these measurements.

Very few people know that Google had the first tweet in computer language that uses 0 and 1 - 'binary'.

The first Google tweeted was "0 0001001 01100101 01100101 01101100 01101001 01101110 01100111 00100000 01101100 01110101 01101011 01101011 01101001 00001010". In English it means "I feel lucky"

Google's search engine is 100 million gigabytes, that is, 1 terabyte (TB) would require 1 million drivers.

More than 20,000 people apply for jobs on Google every week.

In 2006, Google shared the YouTube site on YouTube videos. Up to 60 hours of videos are uploaded to YouTube every minute.

6 billion hours of videos are watched each month on Google's video service YouTube.

The main developer of the Firefox web site is now working for Google.

Google.com/Mars offers a view of Mars.

Google is the most visited website in the world.

In 2004, when reliable Gmail was introduced with 1 GB of free storage, Hotmail offered only 2 MB of storage.

The total size of Google Earth's database is over 20 petabytes.

Google Maps predicts that Android devices run much faster on the road.

Google's name was "Google" just by chance. The founders named it GOOGOL.

Winning power is required to run a Google computer, no need to send Apollo 11 to the moon.

YouTube is the world's largest search engine after Google.

Yahoo's CEO was Google's first female employee.

Netflix is ​​older than Google, founded in 1997. While Google was founded in 1998.

Some of these fun and interesting facts about Google are known, but not all. Hope you have liked all this information about Google.


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