Picsart premium mod unlocked features 2023 Sticker Maker + Free Stickers


Picsart premium mod unlocked features, You can use PicsArt premium to edit your photos. you can also use filters and design templates in pics art premium. Use pics art premium to edit photos for your Instagram photos and stories. Get pics art premium mod for free to access the free world of Picsart. keep reading to download PicsArt premium for your smartphone

Picsart premium mod unlocked features

PicsArt premium is an easy substitute for photoshop. Picsart Premium is easy to use. you don’t need a computer to use Picsart. Just install the Picsart premium app on your smartphone and enjoy. Adjust image, add a black and white filter, use HDR, or movie, nostalgia, and many other effects. Give professional look to your photos by using different tools

Just add different funny and beautiful stickers and templates to your photos. PicsArt has premium stickers and templated with premium features. to use those features, you need to pay for pics art premium.

But using this app you can unlock all premium features for free.

Become a photography expert using the following PicsArt features.

Photo editing in PicsArt premium

  • Use hot trending filters for your photos and amazing photo effects.
  • Get impressive backgrounds and remove background from your photos with one touch now.
  • Use a photo retouch to add or remove elements in your pictures.
  • Get access to millions of beautiful tools and aesthetic backgrounds
  • Just turn your photos upside down with amazing glitch effects
  • Give your photos blur effects, double exposures, fade effects, and stickers
  • Give your photos a stunning makeover using the beautify tools, change hair color, add makeup, funny or sad stickers & aesthetics.
  • You can easily flip photos & crop them in different sizes

Video Editing in PicsArt premium

  • Create videos or edit videos using free video tools.
  • Give life to your exciting stories and memories life.
  • You can add music to the edited videos. there are so many songs available in the music library to be used
  • Find inspirations from different creators on PicsArt and Pinterest.
  • Square size your video for sharing them on Instagram posts.
  • Add aesthetic glitch filters and backgrounds for your Instagram stories.
  • Instantly make your video shine and look professional.

Cut videos, short them to share on WhatsApp or Snapchat

Make photo collages in PicsArt premium

Design photo grids of custom sizes and shapes, anything like a simple template or a workbook

Add your memories and photos into a collage. design and change amazing photo collage using all your favorite pictures.

  • Use the default grids in the library and change layouts and frames- Add stickers to your collages.
  • There are so many corporate, business, aesthetic photos and stickers in the library
  • Choose from custom layouts and add text and photos
  • Give your photos amazing filters to look beautiful
  • Share the edited collages on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter
  • Shre in your family and friends groups on WhatsApp
  • Use meme stickers to turn your photos funny. Funny photos go viral on Instagram so quick
  • Use the story templates to share your travel photos or holiday photo sessions

Sticker Maker + Free Stickers in Picsart

  • PicsArt offers a library of over 60+ million cool PicsArt stickers.
  • you can use these stickers in messages.
  • you can add and edit sticker overlays to your photos to turn up the fun level up.
  • you can make your own clipart using the cutting tool to crop images and turn them into funny stickers.

Photo Effects in PicsArt Premium

  • you can now outline your selfies using the latest Sketch effects.
  • Change your portraits into amazing-looking artistic masterpieces using the Canvas effect tool.
  • Design a trending Drip Art use the dripping tool to create customized stickers in many overlay modes.
  • you can animate, draw or doodle Cartoon characters or yourself on pics art using the magic stencil effects on PicsArt.
  • tune in to Picsart and okay around using different shapes, filters, stickers, and frames.

Have fun with the all-new College Maker in PicsArt premium

You can display various types of images, and share them anywhere and go viral.

Download and enjoy the unlocked version from our website

Have fun with PicsArt Gold Membership Unlocked + Premium For free. Just Download the PicsArt Premium, from the below links.

I have been using PicsArt for quite a while. I can say it can replace many robust photos and video editing software including photoshop. Photoshop requires HIGH-END RAM and a personal computer or a laptop. To use PicsArt, you only need to have a smartphone and who doesn’t have a smartphone these days. you can easily create gifs and short videos on PicsArt.  Give access to your smartphone gallery and enjoy hundreds of editing tools.

Best Effects not to miss on PicsArt

Here are some of my favorite effects which I usually use to edit my pictures

  1. Amazing Call out stickers
  2. Background eraser tool
  3. Shape masks to overlay on photos
  4. Colour curves tool
  5. Background editing tool
  6. Sticker creating Tool in PicsArt
  7. FX effects tools
  8. Filters and effects
  9. Blur tool

Amazing Call out stickers

A lot of Instagram stories use stickers to show emotions. you can use this app to create, edit or design stickers for your posts and stories

Adding a cool sticker will turn your photo prettier than ever. you can use photos from the internet or websites like pixabay or pixels for photos and then emove background from them to turn them into stickers

Background eraser tool

This is my favorite. ever wanted to remove someone from the photo or remove something from your photo, so that it doesn’t look awkward, but cant does it. Well, then this is for you.

Using this effect you can easily remove anything from the background and save it as PNG or JPEG or even add it to your sticker library.

Just select a photo from your gallery open the background tool and remove the background using your fingers select and cut out the elements you want to remove from the background and then save the image you can also save the image into a gallery or use it to add into to other images like stickers to be able to use that image it was the photos will have to save that in the sticker gallery.

Change your accounts and convey one-of-a-kind encounters with stunning channels and stickers. Additionally, this that and are I o u are vowels of the magnificent in application channels. stickers to make energizing looks and feels for your recordings. The straightforward and open manager with an instinctive interface. it will permit you to roll out your improvements without having any kinds of encounters.

Let’s learn how to make your skin smooth with the skin texture still intact.

ready for this in one minute all are also at the end of this I am going to show you how to do them in 30 seconds or fewer guys. PicsArt special if you have any of this that ok but for sure to continue reading. let’s go straight into so the first thing

I need to make is duplicate of the background layer and then using it invert for control and then you can click.

Ok go. to filter blur caution blood now this is gone create magic create a room in quite a bit and keep the value around.

The pause in the skin and the skin texture as General.

so too much of it is not gone and that introduces a little wrinkle we don’t want too much of this in this case.

10 will work fine keep it and click then now this is preparing the skin is smooth.

and the problem is skin smoothing is applied all over the face and so remove it from the other spaces and then.

Only apply to the face now press

hold the keys for other options and create a mass click on the one the duplicate.

create a negative mask. Is white and if not then select any color and turn it into white.

start painting over the duplicate layer which you created at the beginning

Of me to put in there you can pinch and resize it and drag and move around so I’m just gonna pinch. The circle itself to resize that’s fine for me so I’m gonna press apply and then now I have my avatar there as I come out of the settings page this is really your social media page in PicsArt.

Because it is a social media account as well. You can connect your Facebook right here

look how I am seeing I’m just going to click off of this.

And then all of your followers and people that you are following will be in here for you in a kind of Instagram-style feed.

Other important settings though if you head over to the or hover to the top right-hand corner and press the three dots this is where you can upgrade to PicsArt


This just has a few more features a few more editing tools and way more templates

let’s go into settings though and there.

Firstly you can sync contacts from your phone you can press this one and do that

if you want to.

I’m happy to not sync this though so I’m just going to come out of here

you can also turn on iCloud sync which may be really useful for you if you want

to save all your edits in your iCloud account.

And you can turn off and on enable edit history upload so this is all of your edits and your saved edits. do you want that to be uploaded and saved or not so you can turn that on and

off as you wish.

Let’s get out into the app though and we’re going to go over

to this page which is the challenges page.

Like I said Picsart Premium may be a social network as well and challenges really they are a community of people and designers and users who use the app to make certain types of designs or artworks based on the rules of the challenge so anyone can take part including you.

And you can see different challenges here so you have an editing challenge

right here. and you have an image remix challenge so you can actually click on the image

and the challenge will be described for you so right now you can see that


You can submit three remixes of the provided photos so this is the photo up here and these are some of the rules of the competition PicsArt premium.

And then right down here these are some artist submissions so people that have changed it and the way that you participate is just clicking this big participate.

Button-down at the bottom. what it’s going to do is take you through to the challenge page so right now you can see a completely blank bag and you’re going to have to decorate this.

Or just provides it a design using all of the editing tools we’re going to go through every editing tool in a second but this is how you take part in challenges PicsArt premium.

And then when you’ve made your edits you can click the next button up in the top right.

And you’ll go through to your submission but if we just cancel out of this page and then go back to the challenges page you can actually see some winners so if we come down here you will see a load of different challenges.

And then also some ended challenges so you can click on these and see the actual winner so the winner submitted this and they won the prize.

There are some prizes you can actually win most of them have to do with a free Picsart Premium gold membership for a certain time. you can also go and look at this user and follow them so if you actually click right here on the name you can see they have about 3 000 followers and they’re following PicsArt premium.

About 556 people you can see all of their posts you can follow them right here if you just click this button and then you can click on it.

All of their edits and designs and go into a page that is a little bit like an Instagram type of page.

You can see the options here so you can like, save them. or just write a comment and also you can see the sources that they made to use it so, within Picsart Premium, there are some templates and some effects.

These will be listed under sources so this is one of the effects that they used in this image and you can actually click on that and then go through and use it yourself in other images. a really great option in Picsart Premium though is the ability to PicsArt premium remix so basically, you take their actual image and then you can go and edit it yourself

I’ll show you how to do remixes when we get into editing photos you can allow other people to remix yours of course but let’s just click on remix PicsArt premium. and i’ll show you how it basically imports their image and then you’ve got all the editing tools at the bottom so you can go and change it a little bit and remix other people’s photos.

Let’s come out of this tab through and then go back to the challenges page and now we’ll just click on the discover tab which is this icon PicsArt.

Right here and in the Discover tab you can search for hashtags and you can search for a lot of different interests so you can come right up to the top and search for pretty much anything.

I’ve got pop-up background any hashtag with that you can go and see you can go and follow the hashtag. and of course, you can go in and click it and then just see a lot of the user submissions

For that hashtag, you can go and search whatever PicsArt premium. you want there pretty much is every single interest in Picsart Premium that you can discover or you can just.

Scroll down and see if any are looking good that you might want to follow.

You can also search users as well by this icon right up here to the top right in PicsArt premium.

You can then search maybe by username or you can find contacts friends for yourself or just flick through some popular.

Users and see their graphic designs and what they’ve done and of course you can follow them.

Just by clicking the button let’s press done though and upload an image to Picsart Premium and see how we can edit this.

So it’s this big plus button in the middle so you’ll press that you actually get a load of options photos of course. Is just a way for you to upload any photos that you have on your device in PicsArt.

The videos are exactly the same replays is essentially by PicsArt. someone else’s edit that you can go through and change and edit yourself collages will allow you to upload.

Different images and put them together in a template like a collage which is really great.

You have other templates here as well which are mostly graphic designs Christmas cards posters that’s a thing obviously.

It’s Christmas right now so you’re gonna have a lot of those but as you can see there are tons of templates to choose from PicsArt.

If you pick see all you can actually sort them by what type of social network you might want to post to and.

Also, the aspect ratio or the size so you can see different sizes landscape and portrait flick.

Through loads here and you can also search maybe Christmas backgrounds should be lots of those so you can go and see what might be good for you anything with a crown on is part of Picsart Premium apk Gold though so you’re gonna have to pay extra you can also capture images.

With your camera straight in the Picsart Premium app I would definitely not recommend doing this it’s really low quality but in PicsArt premium.

You take images first with the camera app on your phone and then come and edit them in Picsart Premium. drawings is a whole new thing as well this is actually a completely separate app that you need to download.

So we’re not going to go through today’s backgrounds you can just choose from the virtually endless amounts and free photos are pretty much the same thing.

That you can go and edit they are free in Picsart Premium and there are some paid also this tutorial though is going to focus on editing photos.

We’re going to upload a photo like this press on this one you can see you’re right in the editor you can change.

Your photo right now with all the editing tools all of the tools that you’ll need are down here at the bottom.

You can scroll to the left and right to see all of them and I’m going to go through the most used features in the app that you might want to edit with.

The first is cropping so if we come to tools there are a lot of tools in here so you’re going to be using this one the most.

There are a few different ways to crop so if you just press crop right here if you’re editing for Instagram or something you can scroll along at the bottom.

You can see that story right here is an Instagram story so that will change it into the Perfect aspect ratio for an Instagram story you can scroll along more for a Twitter post.

For example or a Pinterest post so you can change that to the social networks that you want to actually do it on.

You can see free as well this is actually basically just doing it anyway that you want so whatever aspect ratio that you want might not.

Come out too well so you can choose the presets if you like or you can use this slider bar and you can change.

How exactly the image is rotated in that aspect ratio using Picsart Premium. I’m actually okay with the original aspect ratio so you can either come up here and press.

Undo or you can just press cancel and then it won’t make any changes. Another great option though if we press In the tools menu you can see a lot of different crops at Picsart Premium.

You can rub it that you want to keep so Picsart Premium let’s say you want to cut out me from. In the background, you can just use a finger and color in red everywhere that you want to crop out and you can very easily just pinch and zoom in Picsart Premium.

In to become a little bit more accurate in where you’re coloring in Picsart Premium. I can only pinch out though and do an outline like this Picsart Premium. then and presses the next button right here you’ll see that is cut out of the background.

Doesn’t really look great but you get the idea I’m just going to go back because obviously I don’t want to do that but you can color in and cut out.

Or there are some auto features as well for example face like this if you press it Picsart Premium.

Then it is going to recognize faces and try and cut them out for you you can scroll through this hair for example so it’s definitely got my hair or background.

Everything that you want to be kept you can color it in red so if I just go.

It seems not to it’s cut me out not perfect and you can go through manually and change.

This if you want it is a good feature though to cut out either backgrounds or people from backgrounds you can also use the lasso which is quite accurate.

So you can go and actually essentially just draw a pencil line around like this and then that will obviously close up and that’s red so that will be kept and everything else will be canceled away. from this though because I want to discard these so just press discard and then we’ll go back to the normal image of other tools.

Though that you can use to change things is the stretch tool and this will essentially stretch the image so you can see brush to wrap this art it’s going to be kind of weird and very strange on a selfie but you can just this in things in

I’m creating thumbnails and things like that where I actually need to change aspects of the thumbnail and make them a little bit bigger so it is actually a really good tool.

Looks super strange on my face though so I’m just gonna cancel out of that and discard it’s a really useful tool though the perspective is also a good tool if you’ve just taken it.

An image at the wrong angle you can come to a perspective like this and then use either the lateral or horizontal slider bars and you can change how it was so this image is obviously off to the side a little bit and I can make it a little.

Bit squarer on like this and you can do it for this way as well and it’s just going to be very easily changing the perspective for you if you want to there are many tools like this though that you can change perspective

We move on to adjustment tools though and these are really great there are two right here you can see.

Enhance and adjust enhance is going to be more of an auto feature and i don’t think it works too great not on this. image anyway the app itself is going to try and enhance the image for you whatever that means and you can see that on this image and in PicsArt premium, it just cannot get it right it’s really really not good you can either enhance it or increase the saturation so for me.

Anyway, on this image, the auto feature definitely can’t be used in PicsArt premium, but if you go to enhance for your image it may work something you can do is actually come to the erase feature right here and specifically erase part of the changes that the app makes changes are actually rubbed out you could definitely get some cool looks here depending on what you’re actually editing if you’re editing a graphic design.

This actually may be a really powerful feature you can also erase via shape or restore like this and actually color back in PicsArt premium.

In the changes, it’s not going to work for me so I’m just going to press x here and discard those changes and then come out and press cancel and go back to the original image. the way that you can change everything manually though come to touch and then come to this adjust button if we press this to PicsArt premium.

We can manually change everything we can go from contrast clarity saturation so maybe if I press saturation and I want to turn the saturation up a little bit just use a slider bar move it to the right saturation will be increased to the left saturation decreased so I think a little bit of saturation added. will be a good thing also contrast right here by PicsArt premium. I want to add some contrast so. I slide it to the right or the left to take it away.

Definitely adding some contrast probably a good thing for me shadows and highlights is also a way to increase or decrease the contrast so you can actually change the shadows. that’s really dark parts of the image separately from the highlights or the lighter parts of the image again left to make them darker in PicsArt premium and right to make them brighter I actually think darker is okay here for the shadows. and the highlights brighter probably not good darker a little bit is looking okay color temperature is also really important.

This will make your image either warmer. if you slide it to the right or cooler. if you slide it to the left you can have a look at what looks best I think cooler a little bit probably looks better for this image PicsArt premium


  • PicsArt Gold! the Gold subscription grants you access to the latest and EXCLUSIVE content all the time on the app. All the fresh features and guess what, all them ad-free.
  • Use this and get all PicsArt GOLD features for free right now.
  • There are no ads in this app and you will experience the ease of using it hassle-free on your device

Download PicsArt from Google play store from here, but if you download from play store, you will have to pay for premium features. If you want PREMIUM FEATURES FOR FREE, then download them from the link below

Picsart premium mod unlocked features 2023 Sticker Maker + Free Stickers


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