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Friends, in this article today, we will learn about the directories submission. What are the types of these And how you can store your website in web directories and sub directories.

There are two types of Blog Directory and Web Directory. If you understand the meaning of submitting directories in a very simple language, then it is a traffic exchange. Directories This is a website. Where you put a link to your website in their directory, which is on their website, it is done both free and paid.

You get to see the directory of most of the two types of websites. Directory and Sub-directory. The category of your website means Topic or Business. When you submit the URL of your website or blog to their directory, they index it in their directory, according to the topic of your site. So that a back link is created and traffic starts coming to your website from there.

Site submission for web directories and sub directories.

How to submit?

The most important thing that needs attention. If you are submitting the URL of your site to any web directory. So check the page rank of that web directory. Since directory website rank is lower than website rank, it is not going to benefit you, so whenever you submit your link in web directory, be sure to check its page rank.

What are the types of web directories?

There are three types of web directories.

Paid or Featured Listing - When you submit a directory, you pay that web directory for a quick review. So that the link to your website is included in that web directory. There are some web directories that do not charge for inclusion, but do not receive quick reviews.

Reciprocal link with regular link - It does not take any payment from you, but in this you have to put the link of that web directory on your website. After that, in 4 to 5 months, you include your site link in the web directory. Meaning you put a link to your website on your website and they will include a link to your website in their web directory.

Free or Regular Listing - When you fill the form through this option, it takes longer to include the link in the web directory. But this option is best because from here you will get a real back link.

Some web directories accept with http and some with www.

At the time of submitting your site's URL to the web directory, you must read the guide line given by them and accordingly include the link to your website in the web directory website.


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