What is AES Triple Data Encryption Detail information about each. 🔥


Encryption protects your consumer information, email and other sensitive data, as well as secure network connections. There are four encryption methods here and you should know about each one.

Advanced Encryption Standard (AES)

AES is a symmetric encryption algorithm and one of the safest. The government uses it to protect its data, and many software and hardware products also use it. This method uses a block cipher, which, unlike other types of encryption, encrypts blocks of a certain size together, such as a stream cipher, which encrypts the data by bits.

AES Triple Data Encryption Detail information about each. 🔥

AES includes AES-128, AES-192 and AES-256. Key Bits: You select encrypt and decrypt blocks in 128 bits, 192 bits, etc., for each bit there are different rounds. A round is the process of converting plain text into cipher text. For 128-bit, there are 10 rounds; The 192-bit has 12 rounds; And there are 14 rounds in 256-bit.

Since AES is a symmetric key encryption, you must share the key with other individuals to access encrypted data. If you do not share that data with others in a secure way, they can decrypt that encrypted data.

Triple Data Encryption Standard (3DES)

The triple data encryption standard is a block cipher. This is similar to the data encryption standard, an older method of encryption using 56-bit keys. However, 3DES is a symmetric-key encryption that uses three individual 56-bit keys.

It encrypts the data three times, meaning that your 56-bit key becomes a 168-bit key. Since it encrypts the data three times, this method is much slower than the others. 3DES uses shorter block lengths, so it is easier to decrypt and leak data. However, many people use this encryption method to secure financial institution and business information. This is gradually being eliminated as more robust encryption methods are introduced.

What is Two fish?

Twofish is a symmetric block cipher based on the first block cipher - Blowfish. Twofish has a block-bit size of 128-bits to 256 bits, and it works well on small CPUs and hardware. Similar to AES, it enforces rounds of encryption to convert plaintext into cipher text. However, it consists of 16 rounds, which is different from AES.

In addition, this method provides considerable flexibility. You can choose the main setup for the encryption process to be slow but quick. Furthermore, this form of encryption is inconsistent and license free, so you can use it without restrictions.

What is RSA?

This asymmetric algorithm is named after Ron Rivest, Len Edelman, and Adi Shamir. It uses public-key cryptography to share data over insecure networks. There are two keys: one public and one private. The public key is by name only: public. Anyone can access it. However, the private key must be confidential. When using RSA cryptography, you need both keys to encrypt and decrypt the message. You use one key to encrypt your data and another to decrypt it.

According to search safety, RSA is safe because it is a factor of large integers that is a product of two prime numbers. Its main size is large, which increases security. Most RSA keys are 1024-bits and 2048-bits. However, long-form slows are slower than other encryption methods.

In addition, several additional encryption methods are available. How did you like this information? Tell us in the comment box below. Together you can write any kind of question or suggestion. Thank you for reading the article! :)


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