What is website cookies 🔥Blog cookies are like the film Ghajini.


Understanding Cookies and Their Use on Websites - We have also used them inadvertently on websites. If you try to understand by an example, then you can understand from Aamir Khan's film Ghajini.

Just like the memories of Aamir Khan remain for some time. And then the memories disappear. Cookies also work in the same way. As you go to the website. What have you seen there, set the language, no need to write email id and password again to login.

Because cookies are a memory that saves your activity on that website in the browser. But its time interval is also set to erase cookies / memories and the size of cookies is also set (KB). Let us understand about them in detail.

What is website cookies 🔥Blog cookies are like the film Ghajini.

What is website cookies?

A cookie is information stored on your computer by a website you visit. Internet cookies often store your settings for a website, such as your preferred language or location.

When you return to the site, the browser sends back cookies that are related to the site. This allows the site to be presented with information to suit your needs.

In short, website cookies are files in the form of data or information stored on our computers. Which is read only by the browser. Eg, there are data settings (data login, display settings, language, etc.) on the site. Internet cookies also save our time.

What is the benefit of internet cookie?

A website cookies can save our time. While browsing on the Internet. So if you go to a website, you do not need to make settings etc., provided you have already visited the site.

A good example of website cookies are social media and online shopping websites.

When we open Facebook or other social networks and log in after logging out. So it saves time for not writing email, password or language settings.

If you have previously used Indian language settings, then when we open Facebook, the language setting will remain in Indian.

How big is the file size of cookies in KB?

The cookie file size is also very small, whose size cannot exceed 4096 bytes (4KB) per visited website. There is a limit to the total number of cookies on the client's hard disk. This number also varies by browser, but is usually limited to about three hundred cookies.

If this number is exceeded, an old cookie will be removed before creating a new one. Cookies have an expiration date. This date is set by the website developer. If after the expiry date you will have to enter the login user and password again, it will not be automatic.

This also occurs when the user's window or tab is closed by the user, or when the user closes the entire browser. These cookies are sometimes called session cookies, these are mostly used to store temporary settings.

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