How to earn money in student life


Today's post about how to earn money in student life, in which we are going to tell only Work From Home for Students Earning Money Tips, which can help any studying students to earn money during their studies.

By the way, I have only one opinion for the students who are studying, that they should concentrate on studies, do not get involved in earning money, but there are some students who eat with their earnings, pay school fees. When a student studies, the relatives who get maximum to him say only one thing, study well, you have to do this job.

What should be the age limit to earn money? There is no age limit to earn money, you can do it from the age of five. And it's not wrong either. Because many people do. You can see advertisements in TV that small children do two or three advertisements in a year, then they get good money.

Studying is one of the most important things for anyone, but in today's time, you cannot rely only on studies, you have to earn some income along with studies, because if you do not have money, then studies are also useless. And if you have money then you can get better education than what you are getting so if you want to earn some income from your studies then read the full post many ways to earn money in this offline and online student life are given.

How to earn money in student life

Whenever students think about earning money, the first thing that comes to mind is that what is needed to earn money means what things are needed, then here you have to see what kind of work you want to earn money. According to that skill degree or some things may be required. For example, if you want to earn money from Students Online, then many things are required with Skill in Online, but if you want to earn money from Students Offline, then Skill and Degree are required for this. Although there are many ways to earn money for students, which have no limit, but what can be the best ways to earn money for a student, I will tell you in this post, so let's know how you can earn money in a student life.

How to earn money in student life

Students can Earn money from mobile recharge

Mobile recharge can also be the best way for a student to earn money because in today's time there will hardly be any person who does not have a mobile and does not recharge his mobile, in such a situation earning money by recharging mobile is also a student. There might be a better way. Nowadays all sim card companies have reduced 1 rupee on all recharge like 49,149, 299 i.e. one rupee is fixed on every recharge, apart from this there are many mobile recharge apps from where you can get 10 to 50 cashback by doing recharge

If you recharge Airtel number from the app, you also get a commission of up to 4%. In today's time, to earn good money from mobile recharge, you should have a shop and a mobile recharge sim card, in that you will get more commission, sometimes you will get cashback on online recharge, sometimes you will not get it and now apps like Paytm, Phone Pe Recharge charges are also being deducted. But if you take recharging sim only from telecom company, then here you get commission according to a fixed % and it is available on all recharges, so that you can earn a lot of money even by recharging students.

Students can earn money from YouTube

Youtube is also the best way for students to earn money, which is no less than blogging, YouTube and blogging are the biggest way to earn money in today's time, in addition to advertising, paid promotion and affiliate marketing, there are many other ways. . Through which you can earn money. There will be a special thing in Youtube for the student, if you do not know anything in Youtube, then make only that much video that you read daily and share it on Youtube, this will be enough to grow your Youtube Channel.

Because in today's time, there are millions of people who are willing to study online from Youtube or if you have good knowledge of something else, then Youtube Channel can be started on that too. Even today, there are many subjects whose competition is very less, in which you can get quick success, as far as creating a YouTube channel is concerned, YouTube is absolutely free where you do not need to pay a single rupee.

Students can earn money from social media

Most of the time of today's student is spent on social media network only, if you look at it from the point of view of studies then it will prove to be the most wrong thing, but if you look at it from earning point of view then it is the best way. Because in today's time you can earn very well from any social media, instead of gossiping with your friends from this social media, you have to use it properly and make this social media a means of earning money for yourself. Here I am talking Facebook or Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin or any social media, you can earn money through all these, for which you need only two things and those things are as follows. You have to make more and more followers or friends on your social media, such followers and friends who trust you. Join some Affiliate Products, Referral Products and promote them on your social media, here you can promote your service and product, promote any company brand

Students can earn money by freelancing

Many people would not know about earning money from Freelancer, so this is a skill basic work in which you earn money by selling your skill, like if you know how to sing, then you can sing for someone and earn money from it. Is. In today's time, there are many freelancing jobs available on the Internet, in which you do not even need to go anywhere, you can do it from the Internet itself, such as web development and data entry and many more. For this, you have to register on a freelancing site and upload some photos of your skills and give complete information about yourself so that someone can easily contact you. The more people you know, the more work you will start getting where you can charge I will charge this much money for this work where you can charge 10$ or more for an hour, also freelancing like this students can earn money

Students can earn money from telegram

Telegram app is also a better way for students to earn money online, here you can earn money from students telegram by many ways like affiliate marketing, refer and earn, link sartner along with teaching online tuition. For which you do not need to work hard, just create an account on your Telegram, then you can create Telegram Groups and Telegram Channels and share any of your information here. Instead of sharing this information, you will be created a user profile on Telegram Groups and Telegram Channels called Follower or Subscriber, then you can start earning money using this user profile. Here you have to join programs like Affiliate Marketing, Refer and Earn, Link Sortner and share their link to the user through Telegram, when the user buys a product from your link, you will get a commission.

Students can earn money by blogging.

Blogging is a very good way for students to earn money, because writing a blog for a studying student can be the best job that you can make to earn money, along with this your writing habit can also be good. Is. And to write a blog, you will get many topics in studies, which you can write on a blog, research has to be done to write a blog, and this research will help you a lot in your studies as well. As far as making a blog is concerned, if you have some money that can be invested in blogging, then you can make a blog on WordPress by taking hosting and domain. If you do not have money, then you can create a free blog on and, in which you do not need to spend even a single rupee and you can earn well as a student from this free blog.

Students can Earn money by watching ads and videos online

This way to earn money online is for those students who don't want to do any work just want to earn money by doing entertainment on internet then you can earn money in student life by watching online ads and videos. For this, you have to join some such Apps and Websites where you get paid for watching Ads and Videos, such Apps and Websites have come on the Internet which give Ads and Videos, all you have to do is Join those Apps and Websites and Earn money by watching Ads and Videos there. For example, these are some apps and websites like Bucks Leader, Ibotta, Gptplanet, Scarlett-clix, Vicesense which you can join for free and students can start earning money by watching ads and videos here.

Students can earn money from affiliate marketing

Affiliate Marketing is such a way for students to earn money online in which you do not need to waste much time, it takes some time to earn money in Youtube and Blog, but in Affiliate Marketing you start working from today itself. and earn instant money. For which you have to join the Affiliate Program of a company, after that you have to take out the link of its product and share it with your friends, if someone clicks on that link and buys the product, then you get a commission. The best way to do Affiliate Marketing is Blog and Youtube, but apart from this you can also do Affiliate Marketing through social media, for which you do not need to spend even a single rupee.

Students can earn money from content writing

Earning money by writing content is the right way in the next way to earn money for students. In today's time, there are many bloggers who do not write their blog posts, they get others to write their blog posts, for which they also pay good money. If you are not interested in making a blog or you do not want to work on a blog, then you can earn money just by writing content, just for this you have to contact some big bloggers and tell them that you want to do content writing. For which you do not even need to go anywhere, you can find many such bloggers from the internet and you can write content for them and post them on their blog or you can send them just by writing content.

Students can earn money by making pan card

In today's time, PAN card is an important document, without which many people stop working, in such a situation, if you open a shop in the market and do the work of making people's PAN card, then you can earn a lot from it. This, students can earn in free time. You can get 200 to 500 rupees for making PAN card here, as the market will be and in which your expenses will be around 50 rupees, that means you will get 150 to 450 rupees. If that market will be a good place where people will come and go in large quantity, if you get to make 10 pan cards in a day then you can earn 1500 to 4500 rupees per day, which is a good option for students in the village to earn money offline.

Students can earn money from flipkart

Flipkart is also a better option for students to earn money, in which you can do affiliate marketing through Flipkart, get cashback by purchasing a product and earn money by selling the purchased product. Nowadays many people order products from Flipkart and sell them on their shop, here you get a good commission from the sale, just you should know the right way to buy and sell the product. Here you can buy products from your own affiliate link, from which you will get affiliate commission, then you can earn even more money by selling the same product for more money, but this work has to be done cleverly, otherwise your affiliate account will be closed. It is possible

Students can earn money from refer and earn

Earning money from Refer And Earn is one of the easiest ways in today's time, in which you have to join a referral program and share its referral link to your friends, if someone creates an account by clicking on your referral link If yes then you get money. Which you can join for free, in which you get many types of referral programs, some referral programs are such that you get money only once, like Groww App, Google Pay, Phone Pay, etc., but there are also some referral programs from which You earn money for lifetime like and Ezoic I have given just examples, there are countless apps and websites using whose referrals you can earn handsomely.

Students can become a zomato delivery boy

If students are free from their life for some time, then you can do the work of delivery boy, which is done by many people in today's time, in which you do not need to work all day, you can do this work in less time. You can do it in your spare time. In which you get 20 to 30 rupees for delivering a product. If you give even 2 hours in this, then you can earn up to 5000-7000 rupees a month, for which you will first have to go to the official website of Zomato from where you will have to get complete information about it. To become a delivery boy, you will need a few things, in which the main thing is that you must have a bike to deliver the product.

Students can earn money from mobile app

In today's time, there is a lot of mobile apps to earn money, which you can do to earn student money, from which you can earn millions, but there are many such pads and free money earning apps on the internet, which you can use. Can do to earn money. For this, whether we talk about an App like Investment App Upstox App, Groww App or any Payment App Phone Pay, Google Pay or any Shopping App Amazon App, Meesho App etc. Here you get opportunities to earn money in all app in different ways like earn money from cashback, earn money from referral, earn money from sign up bonus, earn money by investing there are many ways students can earn money.

Students can earn money by becoming lIC agent

This way of earning money is also quite right for students where you do not even need to roam around the village because in today's time many people get LIC done just put a board where you live that you do LIC. People will come to you and get LIC done. You just have to get a little information about LIC so that you can explain it well to the people who come to get LIC done. At present there are many insurance companies who are looking for students who can understand LIC very well. In which you will get very good commission from which students can earn well.

Students can earn Money by teaching in computer center

Computer Center for Student is also a better way to earn money where you can teach children about computer in computer center but for this work you have good knowledge of computer only then you can do this work sitting at home in student life . Teaching Computer - Teaching work does not take much time, here you can do computer teaching work for 2 to 3 hours and rest of the time you can do your studies which can help in your money earning way student By doing part time work for. It is also useful for studies by which you earn money along with studies.

Students can earn money from online tutor

Every person first learns something or the other, then teaches others, whether it is studies or any work, similarly whatever you are studying, you can teach it to your young children, in which you have both online and offline options. Will meet Ever since the lockdown, most people are doing online tutoring, many people have made WhatsApp an online tutor, where online tutoring is done for 2-3 hours and good money is earned from it, in this way you can also Earn student money.

Students can earn money from data entry

If you want to earn money by doing data entry then also this is the best option for you, today there are many companies which need data entry operator but you will learn this data entry. Which you can learn by giving a little time on the internet and you can earn a lot of money by doing data entry for a big company. Even if you do not find any such company, then you can do a lot of data entry work by visiting the Freelancing site.

Students can earn money by doing call center job

Although call center jobs are not good for students because you have to spend a lot of time in this but if you can spare some time in the evening also then you can earn money by doing call center jobs. In call center jobs, you just have to receive phone calls and solve their problems, for which you get paid, if you are 12th pass then you will get this job easily.

Earn money from share market

If you are looking for a good way to earn part time money, then share market is also a good option for you where you can earn money by investing your money in share market. The biggest problem of a student is that whatever money he gets from his family, he spends it for fun with his friends, he does not understand the value of this small amount, but if you If you learn to invest this small amount in the stock market in the right way, then you will get two benefits from it.

  1. First – You will have good knowledge of share market, which will help you to invest your money in future and earn money.
  2. Second - You can make a big amount by investing this small amount in student life from a young age

Note - All the rich people of the world invest their money in the share market only and earn money from that money. Now the question comes that how to start investing in the stock market, for this you can use Groww App, Upstox App, Paytm Money App, Siply App etc. If you want to use Siply App and Paytm Money App or Angal One App then you can get information about it by clicking on all these links and make a good option of how to earn money sitting at home online in your student life.

Conclusion – How to earn money in student life

So in the end this way you can earn good money using all of these, not everyone likes everything, but any one of these methods you can use and earn good money from it. I hope you have liked this information on how to make money for part time students, using which you will be able to earn some good money while still doing your studies.

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