Projections for Yamini Investment Share Price Targets 2024- 2030


Making money in the stock market is not easy as it involves significant risks. However, investing in the right company can yield substantial returns. To gain insights into Yamini Investment, read on as we unfold the details in this post.

Today, we will delve into Yamini Investment and explore the potential share price targets for the years 2024, 2025, 2026, and 2030.

Before investing in any company's stock, it is essential to consider favorable market conditions and the company's market value. In this article, we will provide you with a deeper understanding of Yamini Investment's potential as an investment option.

Location, HeadquartersIndia (Mumbai, Maharashtra)
Share Price0.67 INR
Market Cap35.22 Crore INR
52-Week Low0.54 INR
52-Week High1.76 INR
Face Value₹1
P/E Ratio200.13/44
Total Shares52,57,26,000

Yamini Investment company was established in 1983, focusing on various investment activities leveraging capital, financing, and financial services. It is listed on the BSE share market and not yet listed on the NSE, with the script code 511012. You can purchase shares of this stock for less than Rs. 1, which is currently available at a very affordable price.

Moreover, the company has minimal debt, making it easier for you to invest. Investing in Yamini Investment Limited's shares could potentially be very beneficial. As we know, share prices in the stock market fluctuate daily, leading to constant variations in stock values. Similarly, Yamini Investment's share price also fluctuates over time. As of January 3, 2024, the stock price hovered around Rs. 0.67, with a market capitalization of Rs. 35.22 crore, indicating a substantial value.

In 2024, the price of one of the company's stocks was around Rs. 0.67, marking a potential market capitalization of Rs. 35.22 crore. It is said that this company started with very small capital, so its share price does not increase significantly. Nevertheless, the company has witnessed revenue growth in the last two years. Therefore, there may be a gradual increase in the share price, potentially reaching between Rs. 0.65 and Rs. 0.70 in 2024.

According to Livemint, Yamini Investments Company Ltd. is a finance and investment company listed on the BSE and NSE stock exchanges in India. The company’s share price as of Wed Jan 03 2024 10:18:45 was Rs 1.05, which is 5.00% higher than its previous closing price of Rs 1.002. The company’s share price has been fluctuating in the range of Rs 0.54 to Rs 1.17 in the past 52 weeks. It has a market capitalization of Rs 58.88 crore and a PE ratio of 248.133. The company has no debt and a positive revenue growth.

Yamini Investment Share Price

The company's management has taken steps to strengthen the business by working on new projects and increasing the company's number of offices. If these projects succeed, the company's business will grow rapidly, leading to a slight increase in its total assets. Hence, the share price of Yamini Investment may rise to Rs. 0.80 to Rs. 0.95 by 2024.

Looking ahead to 2025, the company's shares could potentially reach a value between Rs. 1 and Rs. 1.20. It is evident that the company's cash flow has slightly improved, indicating a favorable position for trading the company's shares, potentially leading to a share price of Rs. 4 to Rs. 6 by 2030.

Projections for Yamini Investment Share Price Targets 2024- 2030

Yamini Investment's Income and Profit:

YearRevenue (Rs.)Profit (Rs.)Employees

Financial Record

In 2019, its income was Rs. 0.36 crore with profits of Rs. 0.19 crore, which increased to Rs. 2.67 crore and Rs. 0.19 crore respectively in 2020. Then, in 2021, it recorded an income of Rs. 2.47 crore with profits matching previous years. Nevertheless, the most notable increase was in 2022, with an income of Rs. 3.08 crore and the highest profit of Rs. 0.21 crore.

The Future of Yamini Investment

Yamini Investment's performance in the last year has been poor, providing a -44% return and potential future performance may also mirror this trend. You can read more about the Yamini Investment profile and learn more about the company. The share price of Yamini Investment is quite low compared to other companies. It can be speculated that the company may show growth in the future. When making investment decisions, it can be beneficial to consider past returns, although it is essential to remember that future outcomes cannot be determined solely by past performance. If the company manages its business well in the future, it can effectively operate for a long time.

Brief Overview of Recent Performance

  • Total income increased by 103.64% over the last 3 years.
  • Total income performed poorly in the preceding 4 quarters of the current year.
  • Stand-alone sales amounted to Rs. 1.63 crore on 31/12/2022.
  • The company had a net profit of Rs. 0.9 crore after taxes for the current year 2023.
  • Currently, the company has no debts, indicating its financial freedom.
  • It exhibits improvement in business model and financials, with a slight increase in profits. However, due to the low number of promoters, its performance index is not favorable. The company suffered losses in its business over the last 5 years.

Analyzing the holding pattern is crucial for evaluating any stock. Therefore, let's discuss Yamini Investment's Shareholding Pattern. Promoters hold 1.78% shares, retail and others hold 98.18%, and DIIs hold 0.04% shares.

If you plan to invest in the stock market and lack sufficient knowledge or simply want to invest based on the share price target, it is cautioned against. Predicting the stock market is impossible, so it is necessary to gather accurate information before investing in stocks.

I hope you have found valuable information about the Yamini Investment Share Price Targets for 2024, 2025, 2026, and 2030. Keep yourself updated with our articles and share them with your friends for more insightful information.

YearTarget I (Rs.)Target II (Rs.)

Analysis and Projections for Yamini Investment Share Price Targets

Yamini Investment presents an intriguing investment opportunity, with a current share price of 0.67 INR and a market cap of 35.22 Crore INR. The company, established in 1983 and headquartered in India, has been focusing on various investment activities, leveraging capital, financing, and financial services.

Share Price Projections


The company's revenue and profit have been on a consistent upward trajectory, indicating potential growth. With new projects and increased offices, the company's total assets may expand, potentially leading to a rise in share price to between Rs. 0.80 and Rs. 0.95 by 2024.


As the company's cash flow improves and with a favorable position for trading its shares, the share price could potentially reach a value between Rs. 1 and Rs. 1.20 by 2025.

2026 and 2030

With continued growth and successful projects, the share price projection increases to a range of Rs. 1.50 to Rs. 2.00 by 2026 and potentially reaching between Rs. 4 and Rs. 6 by 2030, indicating substantial long-term growth potential.

The financial record reflects a noteworthy increase in income and profit over the years and suggests a promising future. Despite a recent -44% return, the company's low share price presents an opportunity for potential future growth.

Considering the holding pattern, promoters hold 1.78% shares, while retail and others hold 98.18%, and DIIs hold 0.04% shares.

Investors are advised to gather accurate information and carefully consider their investment decisions, as predicting the stock market is highly challenging.

In conclusion, Yamini Investment showcases a potential for growth, especially with its consistent financial improvements, making it a stock worth monitoring for potential investment opportunities. Keep updated with our articles to stay informed about further insights into Yamini Investment's performance.

Disclaimer; The accuracy of this information cannot be guaranteed as it comes from online sources. Please use it as a general reference and consult a professional for specific advice.


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