Carolina Panthers running back Miles Sanders said that he believes Andy Dalton is a future Hall of Famer.

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16 July 2023

Sanders made the comments during an appearance on the "Rich Eisen Show."

Dalton has been in the NFL since 2011 and has played for the Cincinnati Bengals, Dallas Cowboys, and Chicago Bears.

He has thrown for over 30,000 yards and 200 touchdowns in his career.

Dalton has never been to the Super Bowl, but he has led his teams to the playoffs four times.

Sanders said that he believes Dalton is a "great quarterback" and that he "deserves to be in the Hall of Fame."

Some fans and analysts have disagreed with Sanders' assessment, but others have said that he is not far off.

Dalton will need to continue to play well in order to have a chance to make the Hall of Fame.

However, he has already accomplished a lot in his career, and he is only 34 years old.

Only time will tell if Dalton will be able to join the elite group of quarterbacks in the Hall of Fame.