Another college football player placed a bet on his own team.

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2 August 2023

It appears that sports betting in college sports is more widespread than initially believed.  

A recent case involving Iowa kicker Aaron Blom, as reported by John Steppe of, has brought this issue to light.  

Blom has been accused of engaging in underage sports wagering, with a criminal complaint alleging that he placed around 170 bets while he was still a college football player. 

One of the wagers in question was placed on an Iowa football game, in which Blom bet on the team he played for,  

the Hawkeyes. He reportedly bet the under in the 2021 rivalry game between Iowa and Iowa State, a game that Iowa won 27-17.  

Despite not appearing in the game, Blom allegedly made several other bets on Iowa sporting events, totaling more than $4,400 in all, according to the court document. 

To conceal his identity, Blom allegedly used his mother's information to place bets on DraftKings sportsbook,  

with his mother's consent and knowledge. However, this action did not prevent him from facing serious consequences. 

Under the updated guidelines of the NCAA, Aaron Blom may be at risk of permanently losing his eligibility to participate in collegiate sports due to his involvement in sports betting.  

This incident serves as a reminder of the potential consequences athletes may face if found engaging in such activities, especially if they are underage.