Baseball Fans' Minds Were Blown By Photo Of Tyler Glasnow

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10 June 2023

Rays pitcher Tyler Glasnow had the sports world spooked on Friday night.

A photo of Glasnow walking off the mound against the Rangers turned  plenty of heads because of his resemblance to actor Cillian Murphy. 

Baseball fans couldn't help but share their thoughts on this picture.

"I swear to god I thought this was a new look at a Cillian Murphy baseball film at first glance," one fan said. 

Another fan wrote, "I legit thought this was Cillian Murphy for a second and was curious what baseball movie he was going to be in."

Even ESPN's Mina Kimes commented on this photo. She tweeted, "Looks like he’s about to tell me he doesn’t know if humanity can be trusted with such a weapon."

For the record, Glasnow does look like Murphy. 

Glasnow had a stellar performance Friday night, giving up just one run in six innings of work. 

The Rays improved their record to 47-19, which is the best mark in the MLB at the moment.