13 June 2023

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Bill Belichick Not Interested In Talking About Veteran Player's Absence

A prominent New England Patriots defensive player is currently not at mandatory minicamp.

Defensive lineman Lawrence Guy is not with his teammates and when  head coach Bill Belichick was asked why, he offered a very  Belichick-like answer.

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“You’d have to talk to him about that,” Belichick said, via ProFootballTalk. 

“Whatever the issue is, you can talk to him about that. I’m not gonna talk about contracts, personal situations, or injuries.” 

There are rumors going around that Guy wants a better contract since he only makes $3 million a year. 

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Considering the production he's had, he definitely has a fair gripe.  Guy finished the 2022 season with 46 total tackles, (18 solo), and two  sacks.

He's been with the Patriots for the last six seasons and has finished  all of them with more than 45 total tackles and at least one sack.

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Let's see if this gets resolved before the start of training camp next month.