How to earn one lakh rupees from weekend business

By blogging you can earn lakhs of rupees a month by doing one or two things in a week. For this you must have a blog.


In today's time youtube is a business start up where you can earn unlimited money by creating content. For this you must have a youtube channel.


Graphic designing is such a weekly business from where you can earn lakhs of rupees. Like thumbnail, poster banner online selling etc.

Graphic Design

There are many seller portals online where you can earn a lot of money by listing your product and selling the product. Like on Fipkart or Amazon.

Online Seller Portal

If you are a web designer then you can earn money from web designing sitting at your home.

Web Design

ontent writers can earn a lot of money even by writing weekly or part time content. Freelance as such is a great example.

Content Creation

In today's era, people are earning lakhs of rupees in part time from social media. Through digital marketing, you can earn money very easily from your mobile.

Digital Marketing

This was a list of something through which you can create a source of extra income during your office job as well as during weekly holidays. many people are doing