Elon Musk's reaction to his two-time ex-wife, Talulah Riley's engagement.

Thomas Brodie Sangster and Talulah Riley! After a few days of speculation, both confirmed the news on their Twitter pages,

with Riley posting a sweet pic of the two, saying, “Very happy to share that after two years of dating, Thomas Brodie Sangster and I are engaged!”

Everyone was so happy for the happy couple, including Riley’s two-time ex-husband Elon Musk.

Within five minutes of her confirming the news, Musk tweeted a simple “Congratulations!” with a heart-shaped emoji in response.

This was a bit of a shock for fans, and was dubbed a kind of tame response from the Twitter owner.

But the timing really confused fans. One fan even responded how odd it was that he responded so quickly, saying, “idk but he was quick to reply.”

?️ July 27, 2023, the day Thomas announced their engagement, love triumphed once again.

? Their engagement photo, a blissful gondola ride, symbolizes their journey's joy and adventure.

Who is Elon X Wife Talulah Riley?