Jalen Ramsey Not Happy With Former NFL Team Doctor

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9 August 2023

Jalen Ramsey suffered a knee injury weeks ago during his first training camp with the Miami Dolphins, requiring surgery for a meniscus tear.

The All-Pro cornerback will at least miss the start of the regular season but hopes to make a return as soon as possible. 

One former NFL team doctor, Dr. David J. Chao, explained why he thinks it will be too tough for Ramsey to return from such an injury.

The 28-year-old didn't like or agree with the comments. He responded on social media, showing his displeasure.

"SHUT UP! I done let a couple things slide, but y’all have no clue what’s even going on,  

just talkin to hear y’all selves talk! Last I checked, I serve the 1 & ONLY God who dictates everything,  

not all these twitter/“X” doctors who have NEVER seen me in their lives lol God bless!" 

Ramsey is a six-time Pro Bowler and three-time All-Pro.

He spent the last four seasons with the Los Angeles Rams after  beginning his career with a four-year stint with the Jacksonville  Jaguars.