Jessica Simpson opens up about scrutiny over her weight and body shaming

Jessica Simpson has opened up about the constant scrutiny she faced over her weight and body shaming in the media.

The singer and fashion designer said she was often criticized for her body, even when she was at a healthy weight.

Simpson said she felt like she was never good enough and that the constant criticism took a toll on her mental health.

She also revealed that she was often told to lose weight by people in the industry, including record executives and producers.

Simpson said she tried various diets and even took diet pills, but nothing worked long-term.

She eventually decided to focus on her health and well-being rather than her weight.

Simpson said she now feels more confident and comfortable in her own skin.

She  also hopes to inspire others to embrace their bodies and not let the  media's unrealistic beauty standards dictate their self-worth.

Simpson's candid interview has been praised by fans and fellow celebrities for its honesty and vulnerability.

Many have also expressed their support for Simpson and called out the media for perpetuating harmful beauty standards.