Michelle Beadle points out ESPN's NBA coverage's biggest problem. 

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When it comes to the two networks that show NBA games to a national  audience, most fans would agree that TNT has the edge over ESPN. 

From a consistent and well-liked group of in-game commentators to the  inimitable "Inside the NBA" crew, the TNT broadcast has been the  standard of excellence in sports broadcasting.

ESPN may have the edge when it comes to acquiring talent and they  also have the benefit of being a 24-hour sports network, but TNT still  gets better reviews from fans.

Michelle Beadle, who was previously a part of ESPN's NBA coverage, has a theory about the difference between the two networks.

“That position and that show has never been allowed to marinate and it’s sort of why you continue to see change,” Beadle told Front Office Sports.

“It’s unfortunate and it’s why TNT dominates because they’re allowed  to marinate for decades and the product gets better with year after  year. So that’s my simple take on what I observed while I was there."

ESPN has had a rotating cast of hosts and analysts over the years,  meaning that fans have a hard time growing accustomed to the group  they're seeing on screen. 

TNT's NBA coverage has had the same names and same faces for years, and fans enjoy seeing them each and every week.

If ESPN wants to catch up, they may want to look into improving their consistency.