NBA Fans React To Adrian Wojnarowski's New Draft Reporting Plan

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16 June 2023

The NBA Draft ranks among the busiest days of the year for ESPN NBA insider Adrian Wojnarowski. 

But he had an announcement ahead of this year's draft that fans are delighted to hear about.  

In an interview with The Ringer, Woj announced that he will not be  tweeting out each pick that is made in the NBA Draft this year. 

He explained that barring something crazy that happens in the top two or  three picks, there's no value for him in tweeting out every pick as  they happen.  

"I'm not doing the picks this year. Now that doesn't mean... at the top of the draft,  

if all of a sudden something weird is happening at two or three, yes.  But the pick-by-pick... I don't think it has value anymore for me or for ESPN," Woj said. 

Fans were mostly delighted to hear that Woj won't be giving the pick-by-pick on Twitter. 

Many pointed out that his doing so through the years has diminished the value of the night itself with so many countless people spoiled to the picks before they happened. 

The NFL has a similar problem between NFL Network and ESPN when it comes to the annual NFL Draft. 

It would be nice if insiders like Ian Rapoport and Adam Schefter would follow Adrian Wojnarowski's example.