Patrick Mahomes Made Another Beer Commercial Without Breaking NFL Rule

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16 june 2023

Patrick Mahomes is in another beer commercial even though he's not endorsing it.

The Kansas City Chiefs quarterback is in a second Coors Light commercial but it's not for a beer. It's for a bear!

The commercial does acknowledge that he can't endorse beer after he appeared in a Coors Light commercial last year.

In the commercial, Mahomes is sitting on the couch eating with the bear while also golfing with the bear. 

They also are sitting at the beach together while drinking "beer" together.  

Heck, Mahomes even puts a paper bag over the bear, though he's mainly just messing with him. 

This is a job well done by everyone involved. No rules were broken and because of that,  

, it's likely that we'll see Mahomes in another beer commercial in the future.