Paul Finebaum Identifies the Conundrum with Alabama Football

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11 July 2023

Alabama football is one of the most successful programs in college football history.

However, the program has struggled to maintain its dominance in recent years.

Paul Finebaum believes that the conundrum with Alabama football is that the program is too focused on winning championships.

This focus on championships has led to a lack of development for players who may not be ready for the NFL.

Alabama has had a number of high-profile players who have struggled in the NFL.

Finebaum believes that this is because they were not given the opportunity to develop their skills in college.

Alabama's focus on winning championships has also led to a lack of depth on the roster.

This lack of depth has been exposed in recent years when the team has suffered injuries to key players.

Finebaum believes that Alabama needs to shift its focus from winning championships to developing players.

If Alabama can develop its players, the championships will come.