Ryan Day: Ohio State still looking for starting quarterback. 

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2 August 2023

The days of C.J. Stroud leading Ohio State's offense are over.  Fortunately for head coach Ryan Day, he has to talented options at  quarterback in Kyle McCord and Devin Brown. 

With the Buckeyes' season opener exactly one month away, Day provided an update on the team's quarterback battle. 

Day wasn't ready to name a starter for Week 1. He did, however, reveal when he'd like to make a decision by. 

"In an ideal world, you would like to have someone emerge in the first week or two," Day said, via Chase Brown of Eleven Warriors.

Last week, Day was asked if he'd consider playing multiple quarterbacks to start the season. His answer was quite insightful. 

“Going on seven years now, we’ve been in this situation quite a few  times at Ohio State and just not knowing who the quarterback is going to  be going into the season,” Day said.

“You had a new one with Dwayne, had a new one with Justin, had a new one with CJ, and now here we are again. 

“When you go into these situations, you’d like for someone to emerge  during camp, but who knows if that’s going to happen or not? You’d like  to see somebody emerge, 

and then you name them, just like we’ve done with CJ and Justin and  Dwayne. If that doesn’t happen, then maybe that is the case. We’ll have  to evaluate it from there.” 

McCord has appeared in a few games for the Buckeyes from 2021-2022,  completing 41-of-58 passes for 606 yards with three touchdowns and two  interceptions.