Who are Sargam Kaushal?

Sargam Kaushal, a resident of Jammu and Kashmir, shared a video and told how happy she is after winning the title.

“We've got the crown back after 21-22 years. I'm so excited. Love you India, love you world,” the newly-crowned Mrs World said. 

According to Mrs Kaushal's Instagram post, she has a post graduate degree in English Literature.

She has previously worked as a teacher in Vizag and also shared that her husband works for the Indian Navy.

The Mrs India pageant announced the winner on its official Instagram page on Sunday.

Actress-model Aditi Govitrikar, who brought India the Mrs India crown in 2001,

also shared a congratulatory message on the unverified page of the Mrs World pageant.

India has only won the Mrs World title once, in 2001.