What is Susan Sarandon’ character in Blue Beetle Movie?

Susan Sarandon Movies 

Susan Sarandon will play the role of Victoria Kord in the upcoming DC film, Blue Beetle.

Victoria Kord is an original character created for the film, though fans of the comics should recognize her last name as Ted Kord wore the Blue Beetle suit before Jamie.

Sarandon has said that she is excited to play a comic book villain, and that she is particularly drawn to the character’s complexity.

“She’s a businesswoman who is hellbent on acquiring the Scarab,” Sarandon said in an interview.

“But she’s also a mother and a wife, and she’s struggling with her own inner demons.

I think she’s a really interesting character, and I’m excited to bring her to life.”

The Blue Beetle film is scheduled to be released in August 2023.

It will be the first superhero film to feature a Latino lead, and it will be the first film in the DC Extended Universe to be released in Spanish with subtitles.

Here are some additional details about Victoria Kord: Swipe Up